Case Study 2 : Roller Shutter Company

150+ Organic Keywords

Ranking on Google

410+ Contact Form Submissions

In 2020 Till Date

150+ Organic Calls

In 2020 Till Date

The Mission

This company is an Australian owned roller shutter company based in Melbourne. They operate in a very competitive market and was struggling to get in more organic leads. The SEO team at Digital Genies provided a full-service SEO strategy to restart the campaign with a view to get more traffic in. There were several roadblocks such as the old agency deindexing numerous previously acquired backlinks, and this led to a massive dip in organic traffic and conversions.

Our Approach

Being in a highly competitive market they needed a solid organic strategy to fight a growing group of competitors who were investing a lot in their search engine optimization strategies.

By technically reversing the effects of the loss of above-mentioned backlinks and by initiating a strong backlink strategy blended with thorough on-page optimizations, we were able to target some of the high-volume organic keywords to rank for a number of them.

The Results

In about 4 months, we saw an increase more than 180+ keywords ranking in Google which led to a huge gain in organic traffic and revenue.

They are now rank #2 on Google My Business for a high traffic keyword along with many other keywords.